The Process

Here is the process, start to finish:

The Initial Interview

The Initial Interview is a free consultation. We meet and discuss what your organization does, its mission, and you describe the program or project you are seeking funding for.

Come prepared with a detailed project description, a preliminary budget, and any existing grant materials . This will enable us to  match you to a grant donor.

What It Costs

Search Grants

Based on  the Initial Interview, I can begin researching for the grant to match your needs. Additional information may be required during this stage.

Assessment and Data Collection

We will then analyze all aspects of your project proposal and start developing the information to create the narrative. We will also discuss and begin collecting the supporting documentation that will be required for your application.


I will fill out the grant application and compose the story of your organization and your project, using the information you provide, so the more information you provide, the more appealing I can craft your plea to the grant reviewers.


After I complete the application, I will forward it to you for review, to ensure accuracy and completeness. We should then meet to discuss any necessary changes or additions to the document, and any documentation still needed.


When the changes are completed, I will do a checklist for submittal.

The submittal must be done by the client who is seeking the grant.

Reviews or Audits

Some grant donors hold application reviews. I can be available to accompany you.

Grant Reports

Grant donors like to hear about how their donations were used and how they helped, so they ask for a Grant Report. Submitting a report is conditional on applying for another grant from them.