Initial Interview

This free consultation establishes the relationship between the client and the grant writer, determines the course of the application process, and familiarizes the client with expectations of the process.

Research Grants

Using the information discovered in the Initial Interview, I will search available resources for a grant that matches your focus, needs and budget.

Narrative Development

Working with you, the client, I will help develop the story of your organization, your project, and your appeal for grant funding. There are many parts to the application and all of them must work together to sell your idea to grant funders.

Even if you are not currently applying, or only thinking of applying, this is a good strategic step to take. It serves to help to understand all the parts and how they work together, to prepare your narrative and get everything into focus so that you can have a clear and accurate picture of your project.


Working with your point of contact to communicate and support the grant donors requirements, I will craft an application for your grant request. This may include developing supporting documentation.


Working with your point of contact, we will review, proofread, and edit as necessary. A second set of eyes ensures there will be no embarrassing or weak wording, that the whole document ties together, and each part agrees with every other part. This is to ensure your grant request is strong, clear, accurate, and complete  before submittal. Another set of eyes on a document is critical to success.


If the need is clear and the client is willing, training can be provided for preparing attachments, budgets, biographies, or other necessary documents.

Capacity Building

Capacity building is the process of developing, improving, and retaining skills, knowledge, tools, equipment, processes, and other resources necessary to competently carry out the goals of the nonprofit organization’s mission statement to a greater capacity, thus enabling it to operate at a larger scale, serve a larger audience, or achieve a larger impact in their community.