Sample Contract

Grant Writing 4 Good



This agreement is hereby made between __________________ from ________________, and Ed Hanson dba Grant Writing 4 Good.  Ed Hanson is working as an independent consultant and joins_________________ for assistance with _______________________.

Both parties agree upon the following terms and conditions:

Ed Hanson agrees to join ________________ for the purpose of discovering and assisting _________________to apply for grants on behalf of ________________ .

 Ed Hanson will perform the following duties for the company. The grant writer does not guarantee a result, but will do the following in good faith and with utmost confidentiality:

  • Interview ________________  staff members for the purpose of information-gathering and training.
  • Identify and prepare a suitable grant or program officer within ________________  to develop relationships with funders to increase the likelihood of this and future funding opportunities.
  • Seek out and pursue grant opportunities based on the needs, qualifications,  and culture of ________________ .
  • Assist ________________ to develop new and ongoing program descriptions and narratives, while standardizing for consistency.
  •  Assist ________________ staff members to identify and address organizational challenges.
  • Assist ________________ to develop and prepare budgets and financial documents.
  • Assist ________________ team members to prepare and collect attachments  as required by the funder.
  • Write Letters of Inquiry (LOI), full grant proposals, and grant reports, for opportunities agreed upon by ________________ .
  • Manage deadlines and all requirements of grants that are funded.


  • ________________ agrees to pay Ed Hanson a $150.00 initialization fee to begin work. This is equal to three hours of work charged at $50.00 per hour. This amount will be credited to the first invoice.
  • ________________ agrees to pay Ed Hanson $50.00 on an hourly basis until his services are no longer required.
  • Ed Hanson is an independent consultant, and not an employee of ________________ . He therefore understands that he is not eligible for benefits and is responsible for reporting income and filing his own taxes.

Ed Hanson and ________________ stipulate that this agreement does not imply any other relationship between the two, and that any further relationship beyond ________________  must be outlined in a separate agreement.

Upon completion of the application creation and acceptance by the ________________ , all invoices become due and payable, and are not dependent upon the outcome of the application process.

This agreement may be terminated by either party at any time by giving written notice. At such time, all monies owed become due and payable.

All information pertaining to ________________ and ________________ held by Grant Writing 4 Good will be treated as confidential.

Upon termination of the agreement, any confidential information regarding ________________ and ________________ will be destroyed, returned, or retained by Grant Writing 4 Good, according to the wishes of ________________ .

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