RU Grant Ready?

RU Grant Ready?

Cleaning house is something we all have to do.

Whether we do a few minutes a day, a couple hours a week,

Or a week every year, if we don’t face it, well, you know.


Keeping your documents up to date falls under the same guidelines.

Are your grant seeking documents, aka, attachments, up to date?

Maybe you have some fresh ideas. Or a few corrections.

Is the data in the financial documents accurate and clear?

Does it directly reflect what your organization is doing?


If there is anything I can help you with to prepare for, and then submit a grant,   you can learn more at

The first consultation is free.

I want to meet my clients and hear their stories in person. People who work to bring about positive change are some of the most amazing people on the planet.

I want to help make their work possible

Ed Hanson, Grant Writer

Grant Writing 4 Good


What Can a Grant Do for Your Organization?

* A grant could kickstart a new program or initiative that would otherwise have to wait.
* A grant can help turn a cherished goal into a force for creative change.
* A grant can help a community recover from disaster
* A grant can help you lift others up.
* A grant can help you save people/animals/environment/the world.
* A grant can help you reduce suffering.
* A grant can help you increase enjoyment of life for a community of people.
* A grant can help you teach others how to live better.
* A grant can help to leverage other forms of revenue, such as major donor gifts or corporate help.
* A grant can help to bring a collaborative effort together to address a community issue.

There are many grants available from many sources.
Let me help you connect to grant funding for your cause, your dream, your vision.

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Grant Writing 4 Good

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Writing Grants is Not Easy

Recently, I had conversations with a couple of doctors I see regularly. One is a respiratory specialist and the other is a veterinarian. When I told them I had launched a grant writing service, they both reacted similarly, with frustration and anger towards the grant application process.

Both complained of having to write the applications, how tedious and frustrating they were, and how they were continually being rejected by the grant makers.

I’m here to offer a better way. Let me help you with that. I have done this type of writing for the last twenty years, writing nonprofit grants and highly technical training documents for industries where accuracy, attention to detail and good storytelling come together. Learn more about what I can help you with.

Ed Hanson,

Grant Writing Consultant