About Me

Professional Profile

I worked in analytical chemistry for 24 years and technical writing for 20 years before retiring in 2016. Both of these fields require a very close attention to detail, good use of language, and an eye for process and outcome. In analytical chemistry, this is due to safety concerns and quality control. In technical writing it was about understanding critical processes, and how they work together. I had to produce documentation that was clear, concise, effective, easy to use, and accurate. Careful research is required to develop the material that goes into technical documents, as it is with writing grant requests. Creative writing experience enables me to craft you story that will promote your cause to the grant reviewers.


  • Achieve personal satisfaction through a job done well
  • Quickly assess new situations and projects; identify needs and priorities; learn new systems and tools; organize work; establish productive working relationships with co-workers, subject matter experts, and clients
  • Analyze needs and objectives; research and gather information related to the work objective, and synthesize effective solutions
  • Produce documentation that is clear, effective, easy to use, and creates value

Professional Experience

Technical Documentation

  • Successful grant applications for a local community non-profit organization.
  • Training materials for industrial manufacturing and refining processes including process overview, process system, process control training manuals, and manufacturing processes
  • Workshop training materials, written and PowerPoint versions
  • Project development documentation for telecommunications and medical hardware systems
  • Procedural documentation for pharmaceutical quality control testing
  • Contingency/Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs:) pharmaceutical QC lab, call center operations, oil refineries, and petrochemical processing plants.
  • User manuals for software and online applications
  • Write articles for company quarterly newsletter

I have lived and worked in the Denver Metro Area for 27 years, and lived in Commerce City, CO for over 20 years. I am continually taking new classes to add skills and broaden my understanding of grant writing and nonprofit management. As I continue, I look forward to adding nonprofit development services to my offerings.