What’s Your Story?

Every organization has a story. For nonprofits this story is important for building credibility and trust with donors.

  • The story of your nonprofit organization is important.

It gives your organization a sense of identity and vision, and it will help your appeal for grant funding.

  • Does your story have appeal, and does it inspire?

A good story is the foundation for any fundraising. For those who donate to nonprofits, it must be something they can relate to on a personal level, that inspires or resonates with them.

  • Does your story stand out? Is it compelling?

Does it spark the imagination or inspire willing donors to pitch in?

  • Is your story fresh?

Or is it the same story you told last year, and the year before? Donors who see the same pitch year after year will not continue to fund an organization that is not dynamic and innovative. They want to see new ideas and initiatives, new approaches and new solutions.

  • Does your story make donors feel good about their support?

Funders want to know their donations are contributing to effective solutions.

I’ve been a writer all my life. Stories are my business.

Learn more about how I can help secure grant funding at www.grant-writing-4good.com

Or call 303-287-9026 and leave a message.

Grant Writing 4 Good


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