Welcome Grant Seeker!

Whether you are a nonprofit, a public agency, a business, or an individual, there are grant sources for funding out there. Research to match donor to project is an important piece of the process, but it requires a thorough assessment of the project before you start looking for money.

Nonprofits 501(c)3) seek grants for purposes having to do with charity, education, health, literary, cultural, arts or music, or scientific, civil rights, animal welfare, and much more.

A for-profit business can win grants if the enterprise has a strong social mission. There seems to be a trend for an increasing number of donors in this area. Projects in alternative energy, health care issues, agricultural research, job training, and environmental  projects may qualify.

There are foundations that make grants available to individuals to cover educational expenses, or support projects for arts, culture, or research.

Winning that funding is a demanding process and there is a lot of competition for grants. Grant reviewers are people too, and they need the kind of help that a well composed grant application can provide. It’s important to get their attention, because they decide who gets the money..

Grant funds enable people who care to achieve their dreams,

to build a better world

The path to winning grant funding can be a lot of work, take a lot of your time and energy, be confusing at times, tedious at others, and frustrating. It’s a rigorous process and there can be some tough competition for grant money. After putting in all that time and energy, it can be disappointing if your grant request is not accepted, and grant donors typically don’t tell you why.

My job as a grant writer is to help you navigate this process, avoid the pitfalls, and  win funding for your project.

  • I will work with you to understand the objectives and needs of your specific project, so that we can request the proper amount from the right funding source.
  • I will work with you to develop your story, so that grant reviewers will be able to understand the needs and concerns of your mission, and so that your proposal will stand out.
  • I will work with you to  gather and prepare the necessary information and documents required to apply for a suitable grant, which can be extensive.
  • I will work with you throughout the entire process of proposal development, submittal, review, and reporting.
  • I will work with you to prepare your staff and organization to be grant ready. This means ensuring all related documents are prepared and up to date and complete.